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  • High heels to save money and christian louboutin for men practical maintenance methods, you know how much

    Girls are love shoes crazy family, and some pairs of high heels are almost a month's wages, but such expensive shoes, have to spend a lot of money to maintain, feel bad, then the following several money and practical method You can try, small girl look over Oh!

    A change of course

    Leather is flexible, under the hot sun, high temperature and sweat will make it become loose, only after a certain period of sleep, in order to fully dry. There are new shoes are usually stuffed with waste paper, and with the support stick to withstand the toe and heel, louboutin sale these seemingly useless ldquo; garbage rdquo; you still do not lose as well, in the dormant period, you can put them back Into the shoes, to help the shoes back to the original last type, so that the next dress more comfortable.

    2. clean ground.

    If your high heels are wet, you should dry the part of the moisture with a cl shoes soft cloth or paper towel as soon as possible and wipe off the mud on the surface. If there is a large mud attached, you can use a small knife back to scratch it, and then a little dipped cotton cloth wipe traces.

    3. ground oil.

    Polishing, the frequency of oil should not be too high. In addition to the same color maintenance oil, in fact, some daily food also has leather maintenance function. If there is a crack on the surface of the shoe, you can use some candle powder filled into the pattern, and iron iron, and then rub the same color christian louboutin shoes sale shoe polish. However, because the temperature is difficult to grasp, it is recommended that you still ask the professionals to help better.

    4. glasses cloth.

    Wearing glasses of pro-glasses cloth should be crashed everywhere, glasses cloth is generally more delicate and soft, used to rub shoes will not scratch the surface of the skin, is a very good choice.

    5. In the dry and cool place

    Save the season, the shoes thoroughly maintenance again, on the dry and cool place to save, it is best to support the shoes up to keep the shoes are not deformed, maintenance time, must be completely clean the oil and then clean, Storage time is relatively long, even if the shoe brace will produce a certain degree of deformation, so it is best to season shoes, every two to two months out at home to wear 5-10 minutes, so you can Effectively prevent shoes deformation.

    2017-09-21 20:23:10
  • Single dress is not enough, coupled with fashionable high heels is considered perfect

    In the design, walking easily breathable not tired feet, upper diamond decoration, fashion sexy, wearing elegant high-end, perfect show woman proud of the momentum was thin waterproof base exposed toe leather sandals, giving a very simple but very fashionable The feeling of fresh and soft. Very wild, temperament, waterproof design, not tired feet, wearing a skirt with a very beautiful goddess Fan Liang shiny glossy texture, and fine with fine high-heel combination, so that arch arc and shape match, full care of feet, Not only highlight the summer women slim figure, also appears to be light and elegant with high heels, sandals style red sole shoes is very fashionable, color wild, wear delicate, very fresh and fresh taste, thin christian louboutin shoes sale wearing a better look. Elegant and elegant style of a beautiful and elegant minimalist style, a single product elegant fashion charm throughout the summer, whether it is work, street, banquet or nightclubs, are among christian louboutin sneakers the very good choice. Narrow version of the toe and buckle ankle details give a single product elegant fashionable charm

    The new rough with the word buckle open toe sandals, wild black Rome in the fashion shoes, it is resistant to breathable, wearing a very comfortable, open toe design designed to make your personality full, wearing a rough foot. Good flexibility, delicate lines, increase the friction with the ground, comfortable, to show different styles. Big brand, trustworthy

    2017-09-20 20:18:21
  • Summer high heels the temptation, which just like the same few let you fall in love with it

    Pointed to the word with fine red bottom shoes for men heels, if you ask me what the most feminine shoes, the most gas field, I will not hesitate to tell you, pointed high heels is the shoes you want. Matte suede style design than the bright version of the type of more low-key subtle, and high-heeled increase is also very feminine. Fashion wild goods trendy cat heels, like the sister to take home it, hit the color of the word with a strap design, increased lengthening leg lines, with skirt pants are so nice, in line with foot Unrivaled, comfortable heel, pointed version of the design, easy to wear beautiful and beautiful. With a high-heeled shoes with high-heeled shoes, highlight the aristocratic temperament, sharp high-heeled shoes modified foot type, the feet are very attractive, but also louboutin sale allows you to have unlimited beauty and elegance, shoes, sexy curvature, very good with a high-heeled, The word buckle design fashion generous, better reflect your natural beauty.

    Rivets shallow mouth with a single shoe, it seems that there is no need for a reason, the woman's love of high heels, is born so, but in fact, women can find ten thousand love high heels reasons, and then sums in this ten thousand reasons Up, but also make themselves more feminine. Very fresh and refined a pair of beautiful shoes with red bottoms shoes, simple and generous but also without losing the fashion, girls and goddess of the distance is a pair of such a pair of shoes. Temperament pointed sequin christian louboutin sneakers fine with high heels, so that a woman's standing, walking are full of charm, a word buckle silver bridesmaid shoes, romantic and beautiful models, willow and rhyme came into being. Pattern lattice fine with high heels, flexible flexibility, sexy tip design good modified foot lines, PU pattern lattice fabric, wear very foreign gas was temperament, steady fine walking with more smooth not tired feet. The word buckle with high heels, with a fatal attraction of the height, gorgeous black looks extravagant, the proportion of the body lining the perfect, and pants or skirt wear with each other charm. The first part is two thin straps, simple version of the type of fashion is full of foot, a high degree of fit with any occasion to wear in any occasion will not be abrupt.

    2017-09-19 20:13:39
  • Thick bottom Velcro loose sandals, comfortable not grinding feet

    In the summer feet finally comfortable to breathe, and all kinds of heavy boots snow boots ... ... and so say goodbye, now is the world of sandals, every day was worn on the feet, step on the ground sandals must To choose a pair of their own, in fact, like those thick sandy sandals, to wear a very comfortable and youthful vitality, always let you have a refreshing feeling, showing the atmosphere of fashionable style, whether it is skirt and pants With thick bottom cake sandals will become very playful and lively feeling, piercing youth style, youth and age, can create a Variety of modeling and feeling, just how you give it your own ideas and personality, easy to show christian louboutin heels with the Sexual style Simple open-toed pine cake thick sandals, in the case of comfort and louboutin sale fashion virtually enhance the height, relaxed and at the same time can extend the effect of height, very young age of simple and elegant design of the upper sole Treatment, the front will certainly be one of the bright, to bring you comfortable and comfortable leisure fashion style, the atmosphere and a great sense of quality arises spontaneously. Exquisite workmanship, perfect christian louboutin outlet color design will certainly be one of the bright, with skirt pants are very comfortable, a look that is very active

    Thick sandals there is a nice name called shaking shoes Oh, but also able to grow without leaving traces of height. With a pair of skirts or jeans are very good to see Oh do not have to wear high heels, there is a thick end of the magic stickers sandals, to bring you comfortable and comfortable casual style, simple open toe pine cake thick bottom, virtually raised height Oh. Comfortable thick sandy cake is good, it can not only consider the height of the problem, as well as in the fight color design is also louboutin sale shining a group of gaze eyes, comfortable version of the shape for the whole people into the steaming vitality.

    2017-09-18 20:15:00
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