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  • 90 after the summer out of the street, canvas shoes perfect assists

    Shoes can be said that we wear a day in the overall equipment in a detail, if the details of the effort to do good, then you can instantly enhance our overall wear visual effects. For example, in the summer to wear a pair of fashionable canvas shoes than a pair of dragged sandals more handsome, on the breathability, naturally, no worse than the sandals Oh, Fashion personality of a pedal leisure canvas christian louboutin sale shoes, England casual style models tailoring design, upper fashion personality skull print embellishment, eye-like type. High-quality rubber material outsole, bring anti-skid wear experience. Classic retro style canvas shoes, college style models cut the stitching, toe also with different colors of canvas stitching, combined with the shoes side of the brand logo logo embellishment, looks very fashionable. High-quality canvas fabric is red bottom shoes durable, but also has a very good permeability. Fashion classic small white shoes models, simple and casual style design, wearing a very good age effect. The upper design has shoelaces embellishment, elastic enough to wear a pedal easier. High quality rubber outsole makes you walk more robust.

    Simple and pure color of the shoe body selection of high quality cotton and linen canvas fabric cut stitching, bring more excellent moisture permeability, more suitable christian louboutin heels for summer wear. Comfortable round shoes design, more inclusive. High-quality rubber outsole strong wear, bring a steady sense of walking. Simple and casual British wind canvas shoes, hit the color of the shoe body is more fashionable atmosphere, black and purple color options, in the mix is ??more difficult to error. Shoe selection of high quality breathable and stronger cotton and linen fabric through the washing process makes the shoes more soft, more comfortable in summer wearing a breathable. Stylish handsome low-heeled canvas shoes, men and women with a couple of models designed to wear clothing with a better eye-catching effect Oh Simple solid color shoes body atmosphere fashion, wearing breathable very good. The biggest bright spot is that the lap of the circle, the personality of the printing element embellishment, very eye-catching, to meet the young people's psychology. Full of fashion personality college wind canvas shoes, exquisite color graffiti embellishment shoe body, looks more personality has the red bottom pumps characteristics, has a very eye-catching effect. High-quality canvas fabric stitching cut, wearing a comfortable and breathable.

    2017-08-23 20:23:44
  • The beach is already calling, is your sandals ready?

    Now a lot of tide men began to wear pants with a cool pants it This wave began to spread. Type shorts with clear sandals. Every day wearing a stuffy foot shoes, finally summer, and quickly for the double word drag, so that the toes are also breathable it. Very comfortable and stylish outdoor casual sandals. Toe with rubber sheet head design, to prevent the toes injured, very determined small design. Sole with anti-skid wear-resistant rubber outsole design, thicker rubber at the end red sole shoes more wear-resistant anti-skid, but also play the effect of shock absorption. Hot summer sun to enjoy a trace of cool. Very stylish personality of the sandals, version design is very unique, clear appearance, black and white color is very classic, simple fashion. Uppers with breathable mesh material, more comfortable, red bottom shoes better ventilation. Wear-resistant rubber non-slip soles, super strong shock. Very simple and wild.

    The temperature is christian louboutin outlet constantly rising, and quickly put on sandals let your feet breathe it. A shoe two to wear the louboutin pumps design, you can adjust the heel, both when the sandals to wear and even when the slippers to wear. Uppers using humanized Velcro design, you can freely adjust the size. The skid outsole allows you to adapt to any occasion. Simple design is very wild. Comfortable strap sandals, fashion influx of people choice. Superb suture process, comfortable TPR outsole design, Velcro design free to adjust the size, so wear more comfortable. Simple fashion design, contains the essence of charm, fashion is no need for multiple languages, it is an attitude. Hot summer, will usher in the sea breeze bursts of cool, any thoughts flying, at the other end of the free Changyang shuttle, dance with their own shadow. This shoe can be a shoe two wear, two conversion methods, easy to follow. Soft leather, so wear more comfortable, twisted twist no pressure. Summer leisure, a pair of shoes can easily get. Selection of the first layer of leather for the upper fabric, leather presented by the natural lines, showing a delicate beauty, wear is also very breathable soft. Suitable for the comfort of the Asian last type, more fit footsteps, walking more comfortable. Light cloudy foot feeling, experience the fun of walking the same.

    2017-08-22 20:11:45
  • Derby shoes and Oxford shoes always have a charm in the exudes to attract me

    Gentleman's shoes for women's high heels, they are the same taste and delicate, and today we talk about Derby shoes and Oxford shoes, after all, they both often use their charm to attract me. But these two kinds of shoes is also quite difficult to identify, in addition, also found that men love to wear this type of shoes often take the wrong clothing, since it is so, Xiaobian this time I push a Oxford and Derby to understand the tweak Love it to be clear to understand it, first of all, to a christian louboutin sale comparison of Oxford and Derby, look at the difference between the two. Oxford shoe's lapel is closed, Derby shoes are open-style shoes; Oxford tongue is separate, Derby's tongue is one of the molding.

    Of course, behind these differences is a historical story, so let's take a look at the background of Oxford shoes and Derby shoes! Oxford shoes originated in a style of rebellious men's uniform shoes in Oxford University. Speaking of its evolution, we must first talk about the 16th century Louis XIV because of love riding anti-skid with high heels and boots with high-heeled shoes, this fashion quickly popular to all over Europe, almost popular throughout the century. To the mid-17th century, a black boots "Jackboot" gradually occupy the mainstream. However, at that time the unconventional Oxford University students do not love the kind of "tied feet tied" from the reform. Began to appear in the 17th century Scottish and Irish country shoes, after Oxford people to introduce and improve, because the side of the open design is widely welcomed. After the evolution of innovation, the right side of the opening into a side lace and then become red bottom shoes for women a front lace shoes.

    The Oxford vamp carved design was developed by the practical design of the farmer at the time to facilitate the work, in the upper hole drilling, climbing the river when the water or sludge will leak from these holes, today Oxford shoes for the design of an important element of decoration. But the beginning of this kind of shoes in the United States is not popular, with the then luxuryism to pragmatism transition, really popular up. Derby shoes is characterized by tongue and the whole upper with a leather, open lapel (Open lacing) design, revealing the tongue, between the two wings with a shoelace to fix some of the spacing in the wings of the tail and No contact with the tongue, easier to adjust the elastic, compared with Oxford shoes less restrained feeling, especially for foot wide or high back, comfort shoes with red bottoms is quite good. Early Derby shoes is more formal shoes, in recent years with the style of evolution and changes in the upper decoration, the choice of material diversity, extending more casual, trendy Derby style, applicability more widely.

    Derby shoes are very popular in Europe, a kind of straps (Lace-up) collectively, his origin story is not exactly the exact Oxford shoes. In 1850, it evolved into fashionable hunting and sports shoes, followed by widespread fashion for casual wear shoes. Oxford shoes are generally used for formal occasions, with shirts, suits are very good. If you are wearing a suit today, Oxford shoes must be selected, in accordance with the suit style of color selection, selected cortex, carved flowers, these details are to keep up with a complete gentleman dress to complete. Oxford shoes compared to Derby shoes biased for business casual or travel activities like to wear, but the basic style of plain black, christian louboutin sneakers coffee color is also very suitable for formal business occasions; especially for long-term business in the run-type State, can make the foot to maintain a comfortable state is very important, it can be considered one of the modern business work essential shoes.

    2017-08-21 20:16:42
  • Little white shoes wear tired, put on linen shoes let you put it down!

    In the summer heat intolerable summer, men if you want to be more handsome and Fan, in addition to the clothing with a different match, you can also try with a pair of fashion, personality tide shoes. You may say that I prefer to match the small white shoes, shoes, it can only show that you have not tried linen shoes, but once you put on, you will love it. Linen shoes in addition to excellent foot feeling, in the version of the design is also very fashionable, the trend, so in order to be loved by the majority of men. louboutin sale For those who have not tried to pass through the linen shoes men, may wish to give linen shoes a chance to let it help your feet experience an unprecedented refreshing experience! Like the simple version of the shoes of men, solid color of the straw shoes will be your first choice, not only simple fashion, but also very casual wild, start a pair can easily hold all the style. Will be retro elements and linen material combination, which created a pair of simple fashion men's shoes, and wild style design, very popular with men, men are summer shoes and hats in the indispensable fashion single product. Fisherman's shoes originated in the 17th century in Spain, was to facilitate the military march and invention, after shoes with red bottoms years of evolution, coupled with fashion elements of the design gradually evolved into the present appearance. Shoes wear on the feet not only light red bottom shoes for women and comfortable, but also very casual wild.

    In the ordinary hemp shoes on the basis of the first layer of leather with the shoes with red soles stitching, giving a different visual experience, while the star pattern of the embellishment, more fashionable, the most critical is the year round can be any wild Oh!

    2017-08-20 20:06:05
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