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  • Fashionable and retro, square shoes to refresh the early spring trend

    In recent years has been popular retro style, this year is no exception, but with the arrival of spring, we take off heavy snow boots or boots, do not know what to wear, and fashionable and retro To a pair of side shoes it, shallow side of the mouth is very personality, simple and generous style, but also to modify your feet, whether you are working or shopping to wear it will not tired feet Oh, fast And Xiaobian together to choose a pair of bars, so that your early spring dress because of this pair of retro square shoes and become more tide full flavor. The upper use of high-grade polished elements of production, texture clear, strong sense of fashion, in line with the test under the mushroom selection, simple and stylish with the design, fit the foot curve, put on both tired and very fashionable, shoes Surface with a round buckle as a decoration, simple yet stylish, wild and the trend of both, retro style of the mouth is very personality, with a small pants or wide leg pants are a good choice. A patent leather of the British small shoes is not let you shine it, the color is very beautiful, there are several colors to let you choose, ultra-fiber inside the soft and breathable, do not cover their feet not smelly feet, , Very stylish, coupled with the louboutin shoes upper gold button on the embellishment of the shoes even more temperament, thick with the design can also be perfect to modify your legs Oh, like the girls come to poke about Oh

    Featured high-quality fabric, whether it is leather texture or gloss are much better than the average material, this shoe's shoes look thin feet, very slender feet, smooth heel design, wearing a more fashionable walking more confident, soles Using high-quality rubber material, very wear-resistant non-slip, looks handsome publicity, very British style, and texture is very good, smooth and tough lines and shoes body, very beautiful and generous. Square shoes are relatively soft, the choice of PU material, so the upper is very soft feet comfortable, with thick with the design, was also high at the same time not tired feet, comfortable inside, no matter how long your shopping stroll Oh, simple With a metal buckle is a Fan, this square shoes is the most popular this year, oh, with pants skirt are superb, come try red bottom shoes for men Oh

    Fashionable design, shaping the style of high style, very layered, into a variety of colors, personalized metal ring and side buckle combination, showing a more content of the texture, the unique version of the design, embellishment The beauty of the shoes, giving the impression that elegant, elegant and avant-garde, put it to make your feet more slender and charming, become the focus of much attention. Fine fine leather, comfortable soft insole, very support Oh, red bottom pumps inside are very soft PU material, so that will not wear feet Oh, fashionable small square head, a good show red bottom shoes for women of women sweet temperament, Solid rough with, whether you are working to work or daily rest can be worn, but also very good with, for all kinds of people, my sister who do not miss Oh. A pair of classic brown scrub leather square feet of shoes, there are wild black for your choice, rough with the design to facilitate the walk, completely tired feet, retro square shoes broke the traditional concept, bring us visually The other kind of impact, simple personality design and independent temperament is popular with the public Oh, easy on the feet, very wild you, worth a try. The use of fashion trend of the square element to bring a full sense of design, so that you can not bring the same overall effect, the use of sheep skin material, feel fine, comfortable and soft to bring a strong sense of touch, delicate sheep skin shoes body is The pursuit of quality control, without the cute leather dignified, to be the city of the share of the fine texture, pure not to cover up, so simple, the first round of the British tone of the music shoes, personality strong visual extension of the leg length.

    2017-04-26 20:26:09
  • Election on the flat shoes, day trip thousands of miles

    Flat shoes are every girl must prepare for their own shoes. In this work, life, love pressure are great society, the total need to be so little of their own time, put on flat shoes comfortable and relaxed to spend. But flat shoes for the body of the higher requirements, it is easy to wear the feeling of soil. Is this the fault of flat shoes? Of course, you did not pick the reasons for the flat shoes style! Flat shoes not only classic models, Western style fashionable flat shoes is absolutely able to grasp your eyes. White flat shoes with stitching and patch design, it looks stylish and full of streets. Toe specially designed into a pointed style is very personal. Such a flat shoes to wear out the door, then certainly not hit the shoes! Handmade small shoes exquisite and unique. The use of soft leather material and tendon bottom, so comfortable shoes will not wear shoes, go a lot of road and no problem. Fresh ladies blue shoes, girls pure.

    Now very popular retro style, shoes with red soles square head is the classic retro elements. The red flat shoes have a significant effect on the skin color. Decorate with golden bow to enhance elegance and sweetness. Suitable for daily match. Flat shoes are slightly with a little bit, in order to make the shoes look more overall shape look better. In front of tassels decoration, matte skin and pu leather stitching will be the same tone of the shoes look very layered. Flat shoes are handmade leather material, so the foot is really christian louboutin heels very soft. Black and white two color suspicious choice, is a sweet and lovely white, black is more wild. This flat shoe is cortical, so do not worry about dirty. The shoes are also added a little bit of heel design, with a pointed toe to form a nice shoe type. Retro velvet brown Mary leather shoes, with a black mesh strap design, just a pair of shoes is enough louboutin sale Western style. Taking into account the little girl, specially selected a slightly thick bottom of the fisherman shoes. Tassels decorated fisherman shoes ladies and louboutin pumps elegant, just the thickness of the feet to wear comfortable feet breathable, whether it is pants or skirts are very ride

    Each girl has a dream in mind, this ballet shoes on the basis of the addition of straps, rivets and other custom design, seemingly complex but the sweet lady and fashion avant-garde fusion, very personality.

    2017-04-25 20:26:30
  • Wearing a pair of casual shoes on the personality, but the leather section is the best

    Speaking of fashion style, whether it is cl shoes street street shooting, or daily life, leisure Fan seems to occupy the mainstream position. And talk about leisure Fan, how can you be less a pair of casual shoes blessing? The source of vitality can be in it, even with suits pants, can break through the formal sense of minutes, piercing Yatu flavor, we can see the magic of shoes with red bottoms casual shoes. However, if the quality of the poor choice should be careful, and leather money to ensure that both feet dry and breathable, comfort is the best. British Fan classic shoes, many stars louboutin sale are put it down, as the first pair of spring and summer shoes, let you start the first leg of the New Year fashion. Small pointed design, you can modify the foot type, red and green ribbon with a small bee embroidery, fashion instantly jump to the tied. Whether it is black or white models, this casual shoes are no doubt wild, black cool, white and refreshing. Natural thick bottom, with the effect of shock absorption and increased, the girls no longer have to worry about wearing a day down the feet feel tired, and comfort is like praise.

    Silk and leather two kinds of the most texture of the material together, destined to this casual shoes will become different, more distinctive. Flat coarse tie, play a decorative role of personality, comes with a small retro feeling, non-slip wear rubber soles, so you easily jump, afraid of slipping. On the foot of a cool casual shoes, toe with irregular water chestnut design, comes with handsome properties, more inhalation of the eye. A pedal design to wear off the convenience, and the hole and the decoration of the patch is to bring more fashionable elements, and this kind of shoes with a pair of purely born. Relatively fresh girl feeling a casual shoes, its temperament comes from the harmony and light color, looks clean and no feeling of making. Using the current popular Korean sports shoes shape, with a half skirt or jeans are good-looking youth to not work.

    How easy is the design of a pedal? You only need a few seconds before going out, you can wear feet, no longer have to worry about wearing casual shoes also need to tie the trouble of this procedure. There are stealth inside the increase, put the foot naturally high, but also to withstand the pressure of most of the heels, comfort is also greatly improved. Relatively neutral a casual shoes, the use of the classic shoe shoes, with matte leather, naturally wear Japanese-style retro style. Foot pad with the first layer of pig skin material, whether it is sweat breathable, or to prevent the internal slippery, than the other cortex is better, so a good wear good and good casual shoes, you must.

    2017-04-24 20:38:00
  • Change the taste, to double shoes

    For many girls, sports shoes is also a major factor in life. Wearing high heels when tired, wearing shoes to highlight their own personality, but also quite a face of a thing yo ~ reduced age white shoes, comfortable wild. Rounded full of toe, dynamic and dynamic, enough to set aside for the toe space. Inside with breathable design, comfortable and breathable so that your feet always keep dry. Uppers with high quality canvas fabric, unique fashion, highlighting the self personality. Anti-skid wear-resistant, exquisite workmanship. Shoes with high quality suede and mesh made of stitching, natural simplicity, the pursuit of leisure life, the release louboutin pumps of pressure and the liberation of the soul. Three-dimensional anti-skid shoelaces, to ensure long walking, shoelaces firmly tied. Very solid and flexible, not easy to break. Superb superb craftsmanship so that louboutin heels the upper delicate and not too good publicity. Followed by protective pad better solid shoe type, play the effect of collision buffer, heel inside soft and comfortable, better foot feel, walking heart.

    Shoes to create a different kind of shoe last, wild and wearing soft and comfortable. Has louboutin sale an excellent anti-sweat breathable function. Keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. Rubber sole with excellent wear resistance, and its light. Casual wild running shoes, breathable upper, soft and comfortable inside, keep the feet fresh and healthy. Rubber outsole anti-skid wear, precision suture, high-end quality. Sports shoes, breathable Bun Nei, soft and comfortable. Pig skin plus knitted material, soft and delicate, more tough and more breathable. Toe and foot tail specifically increase the curvature, is to walk the secret of comfort. Fashion panda shoes, retro stitching design, fashion personality, widening the shoe last design for the Asian foot type, polyurethane cushions outsole, light cushioning, Haibo Li insoles sweat rebound, give you a new christian louboutin for men dress experience. Small white shoes, is the hottest of a shoe this year, it is estimated that the girls are not a pair of embarrassed to go out. Comfortable and soft, wear it cool Oh Breathable flying woven upper, fit feet, and no stitching, breathable, so that your feet get better care. Soft and comfortable, not easy to change. Comfortable stretch inside, easy to wear. 4.5 cm with high design, increased smooth. Soles are more lightweight and more shock, non-slip, wear, fashion beautiful! Leading the fashion trend and enjoy the fashion at the same time!

    2017-04-23 20:32:49
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