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A pair of slippers to save your fashion black hole!

Walking in the sun on the beach, enjoy the cool sea breeze, bring their favorite shoes, sit down, comfortable tiptoe, enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Choose what kind of accessories to make the overall shape plus points? Fortunately, you will not have to face such trouble, this summer as long as a pair louboutin shoes of slippers enough! With the appropriate clothing to wear a pair of casual slippers, flew into the legend of the "walking racks", how far is the street beat, almost hormones took to the streets. The flip flop is one of the representatives of slippers and has a variety of styles. Not only girls like, boys are also very love in a variety of people word drag, good wear and super fashion Oh! Everyone's foot shape is not the same, thin and narrow width everything. According to their own foot shape to choose slippers is also a very important thing Oh!

. Clip feet men dragged double EVA soles, effective shock absorption, good rebound performance, long wear is not tired feet, with good flexibility, comfortable with the foot, wear durable, so that your feet through breathable, Comfortable summer! The trend of the human word drag reference anthropology, in particular the development of fine with models, shoelaces at the bottom with anti-off pieces of thin strip is not easy to break, high-quality PU leather shoes with delicate soft, to ensure the comfort of wearing, delicate and charming indentation upper texture Design, louboutin sale making the upper more to seize the soles of the anti-skid function Men's anti-skid feet hand skin of the PU shoelaces, fashion generous, reinforced shoelace force, making shoelaces more full and comfortable. Import stroll cloud PU, not only thick, clear texture, non-slip, better waterproof, curved upper technology, design more fit soles, more comfortable. Casual pinch flat sandals Super soft silk entangled with soft silk non-slip design face design, simple but not shoes with red bottoms simple design, comfortable soft face clip feet never grinding feet, more comfortable, high-purity ultra-wear-resistant rubber outsole , More powerful to ensure its wear-resistant, lightweight red bottom pumps features.

Casual beach cool slippers ergonomic shoe last design, in line with the body's smooth curve design, more in line with the Asian foot type, light, smart not only become a shoe last excellent choice, but also for formal occasions and entertainment occasions. Leather hand sandals slippers uppers with high quality first layer of leather, smooth color, full of tide, the use of high-quality ultra-fine skin, soft texture, wear-resistant breathable, which uses a high-quality first layer of leather, delicate stripe, comfortable breathable, Wear-resistant grip to protect the safety of walking. Beach shoes, anti-skid slippers comfortable round head design, not grinding feet and breathable comfort, a kind of courage to express, you become different, exquisite fashion uppers, leather and iron ring, dotted the shoes, more grades The!