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Comfortable and stylish was high, a pair of boots with a rough finish

Autumn is undoubtedly the season of boots to dominate, in many boots, thick with short boots and stylish, comfortable, wild and other advantages come to the fore. Especially with the height of about 5cm thick with short boots, it not only take care of the outstanding girl petite problem, walking is not difficult, with skill is also very strong. It is not as strong as the boots sense of restraint, shoes with red soles but also more comfortable than high heels to christian louboutin louboutin pumps wear real, can be perfectly integrated into a variety of dress style, until the cold weather, with thick fur Jacket will not be as heavy as heel shoes. Inside and outside the whole red bottom heels leather material, wearing very significant grade, tendon at the end also super comfortable. The overall design of the shoe is very simple and comfortable, square and square with a very personalized wood, but not when walking steadily. After the matte leather zipper boots, boots to the ankle on the point, just to highlight the smallest part of the leg. Shoes atmospheric fashion is not easy to obsolete, square and personality and comfortable.

Front zipper design handsome a little tide, the square design of the retro square-type gas field full, about 5CM rough with comfort and Fan, the overall effect is very stylish on the foot, and can be well modified foot. Sheep Joel velvet material soft and delicate texture, big rough with a little fashion sense, about 6 cm with high comfort and elegance, the square design of the last type is the trend of this year, was thin and wild, the effect of the foot Very good, it can stretch the leg lines. High-grade cowhide material, close upper vamp lines, strong luster, short tube design with a square toe design, fashion simple, neutral retro, all kinds of styles are free to match.