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Elegant high-heeled sandals, piercing the beauty of refined beauty

Damping latex pad made, shock effect outstanding, comfort doubled, fine with the design of the road gives a very elegant feeling, not too bloated, the goddess ten full range. Very delicate one of the word buckle with high heels, even Xiao Bian look are tempted, hollow design, appears to be more white louboutin heels feet, put it not only feel the fashion and the trend, more rich ladies atmosphere. Elegant design generous, comfortable and comfortable to wear both fashion vitality, full of age effect, no complicated design, but more prominent feminine, grace and elegance. High-heeled sandals can not only pull the legs of women's legs, but also can not show the common instep for outsiders, soft red bottom heels feet do not wear, wear feet very delicate and very stable.

Elegant and small fish mouth to reveal the toes, lining the skin is more white, simple and generous design, with skirt jeans shorts are so elegant and beautiful! Shoes really super wild, especially the wild black, rubber soles, non-slip good, and very wearable. Looks very Western style. Rough design with elegant and comfortable to wear Christian Louboutin Shoes both elegant and comfortable, simple structure, looks very lady, and the word buckle design is particularly exquisite. Simple type of upper body elegant atmosphere, the most important is to modify the legs Christian Louboutin Shoes to see more and more slim, not grinding feet, not heavy, very beautiful a shoe.