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Feet to be comfortable to grade? Choose thick with shoes

Most women have a mindset, that is, feel fine with a sexy exclusive label. Undeniably, fine with that thin with what about to step on the ground, is really people very heart. However, the rough and sometimes more than the fine will be more feminine Oh! In fact, many people do not know is red bottom heels that rough with the style can be a lot of control, such as sexy, retro, cute, playful, etc., all are ok yo! Pointed sexy and thick with the thick and christian louboutin heels harmonious, giving a comfortable feeling, sexy and capable combination, a little wonderful with Oh ~ comfortable soft feet feel anti-skid anti-polished Oh ~ thick with high heels, even 9.5 Not tired yo! No matter what you wear it will take it ~. Straps plus pointed look ladies taste full, feminine burst it, fashion suede to create the word with a single shoes, is simple wild in the classic style, clean upper , Delicate soft texture, simple and skilled, neat and intellectual. Red word buckle is the finishing touch, and instantly enhance the grade of shoes, such as the big style.

Fashion pointed elements, reshape the foot curve, elongated foot lines, with elegant colors, christian louboutin red bottoms showing a mature temperament. Bow decoration is the ladies know the most important thing is that with the increase in the sense of security with women Oh ~ side of the hollow design plus red bottom heels shallow mouth design, original this new style. Rough with the design, coupled with the perfect lines, walking to a very robust. Looks slightly sweet style, but also cute people love! The Stylish small pointed, beautifully designed, more atmospheric. Plus breathable insole, this shoe is really very comfortable oh ~

Small anti-head shoes now seems to be hot ~ plus thick with the design, in simple and concise at the same time, you can also elongated leg type, modified legs line Oh ~ shopping shopping, go out to work, etc. Are very suitable for wearing Oh ~ is a must for women's leisure it Moreover, the price is also very beautiful Oh. Even if it looks like the basic models, but there are retro charm Oh ~ simple design ladies taste full, feminine burst it. Shoes outsole is anti-skid ultra-wear-resistant, even if there are 6.5CM as flat shoes as the sound.