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Flat too short High heels too tired Then wear thick with it!

Summer, find a comfortable wear dressed, do not forget to give your feet a "summer vacation". But the common law is the tangled tangle, the shoes, how to wear comfortable and fashionable it? Flat too short, high heels and too tired, then you can only wear these three shoes in order to contract the whole summer comfort and beauty. Mueller shoes exposed heel design, casual and stylish, but also retro and popular fusion, is one of the essential summer shoes. Especially in the style of the Mueller shoes, comfortable Red Bottom Shoes and Western style, you can and "hate days high" say bye ~ and if the girlfriend and go shopping, bright colors of some of the shoes will add you a lot of oh ~ elegant little high-heeled Of the Mu Le shoes, high and no high with so tired feet, comfortable and stylish. Bright yellow and hit color pointed design, is the girlfriend travel service equipment. Lazy super suitable for Mueller shoes, nice and convenient. This tip side of the small button with the small Mu Le shoes, elegant feminine, daily wear is elegant line. Work to wear is also very suitable Oh, fashionable career Fan children ~

In this year's hot retro style, how can the little round of your princess dream of Mary Jane shoes? People have been swept for more than 100 years of treasures, rough with the right heel height so that you are comfortable in the summer and comfortable ~ compared to the Mu Le shoes, Mary Jane shoes is more suitable for student students. Square head of the word buckle, V-shaped upper shoes the most sexy place exposed. Gray, beige and brown are wild and resistant to the color, retro fashion, student party also HOLD live. With hit the color of the upper and buckle, beautiful and generous retro Sen female. There are holes and shoes buckle practical good-looking, bright skin fashion degree is much higher than the matte leather, shoes are very soft, easy to wear the foot of the place also processed, the shoes with red soles baby are assured to wear Oh ~ do not like the design details more Of the shoes, then this side of the first word with a simple mouth in the mouth with a very simple and wild. Can be fresh and can workplace OL, interview every day is the choice of praise. You wear it to the road to stabilize, non-slip; both daily, travel, work, banquet, travel, shopping, pregnant women. .... sweet and comfortable, just do not be too good to wear ah ~ sweet plaid fabric stitching buckle heels, very princess very lady, but with a very simple and convenient. With a dress to wear, ladies Xianqi children, with wide leg pants shoes with red soles to wear, capable and elegant.