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How to accept shoes to teach you to build clean and tidy home

Many beautiful girls love shoes. Even if the home shoes piled into the hill, could not help but buy, then these various cl shoes kinds of shoes how to put Christian Louboutin Shoes sale it? How can the collection be convenient and practical? Today to teach you a few practical shoes to accept tips. For small space, how should we accept shoes? Drawer style shoe, the shoes in accordance with the direction of the shoes placed in the inside, when you pull out on it, simple and convenient. Above the space, the groove of the style, you can put the keys, sunglasses and other items to go out with the convenience. Tray-style shoes suitable for admission in the narrow space, the use of tray type, will not take up too much space, and will be admitted out of the room into the shoes, clean and sanitary, convenient and practical. Girls love the shoes, there are rules of the creative put itself is also a landscape. On the box afraid of deformation, on the cupboard and because space is limited, folding will cause damage to the shoes. Look at this figure, the owner will boots "show" in the red sole heels door, bold show people. Hanging in the door with a rack like a display stand can save space, very practical.

Put the shoes into the cupboard is still a proper way to keep the method, you can let the shoes from dust intrusion. The door with a square hollow, easy to better ventilation, shoes will not produce odor. Purchase attention to observe the height of the board to see if it can accommodate the shoes of each season. The door space is generally relatively narrow, this posture slim footwear can be limited space in the expansion of the amount of shoes. Its material is PP polypropylene, disassembly, storage and cleaning are very convenient. Can also be used to store magazines and newspapers. The place where the shoes are wrapped in a basket structure is double. Space size suitable for each time the door when the shoes will not move back and forth. The middle of the basket can also be removed to accommodate the winter boots or outdoor sports shoes

Closed shoe surface looks neat, but looking for shoes on the trouble. In the door marked on the family members of the name, planning the site in advance, but also to prevent some people deliberately encroach on other people's space, urging louboutin outlet everyone to develop good habits, in time to pack their shoes, and regularly do season finishing.