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I heard that the girl wearing the shoes, the most exposed age!

In different age groups, we will have a different style of dress, and in the choice of shoes is also more of age, for example, we rarely see aunt wearing canvas shoes, which is why, in the final analysis Or age, and if you see a older person Red Bottom Shoes still wear canvas shoes, you may think she is in the decoration tender it. Here we take a look at the people of different ages should wear what shoes. Version of the type is very simple and elegant, but also the most common style of canvas shoes, wearing comfortable and wild, there are different colors can choose, the quality of the soles is also very good, not easy to bad, very tough, more relaxed walking The Sports fan full, there is a thick waterproof platform, you can increase significantly thin yo, but also in the heel behind the stitching design, the formation of hit color effect, very suction eye, although the classic lace version, but not the traditional Perforated design, but a small pull ring, a very sense of design.

A pedal of the version is also very popular with the sister of their favorite, especially some of the more lazy sister paper, wear off are very convenient, the shoes are very soft, comfortable and breathable, but also super wild, full of leisure The Rough with the version of the high heels is very easy to control, both high and not very tired feet, the upper also added with the trip with the design, plus square metal buckle, increase the quality, toe design is also very Fit foot type, feet very comfortable. Pointed design of a good modification of the foot type, feet look thin some of the upper with the decoration, increase the sense of hierarchy, so that the shoes look more three-dimensional Fan, rough with the design is very easy to wear, very a woman taste. Secretly tell you yo, Xiao Bian there is a pair, haha, exposed age. Of course, you can try fine high-heeled, did not try, how to know that they do not heels with red bottoms look good, this high heels at the ankle also added a word buckle, a good modification of the legs of the line, and reduce the pressure on the foot , Walking more light. A little leisure style of a high heels, pointed version of the type of good modification of the foot type, pull the legs of the lines, very high yo, classic lace version of the type, beautiful and generous, soles design is very anti-skid wear, The foot is very quality. Version of the very elegant atmosphere, not too much decoration, it is very calm, with a mature woman's sense of charm, with pants handsome full, thin high-heel also Christian Louboutin Shoes sale highlights the feminine tenderness of the beauty of the United States.

Pointed cl shoes shoes have a good effect of modified foot type, but the foot fat girls do not choose yo, patent leather material is full of texture, the whole is very bright, but also very good cleaning, rubber sole non-slip and wear The There are two kinds of suede and patent leather material, are very texture, wearing comfortable and breathable non-stick feet, thick version of the type was significantly higher temperament, version of the type of elegant fashion, with pants feet elegant and elegant temperament.