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Not used to wear high heels? A move easily get!

As Christian Louboutin Outlet the saying goes, high heels are the second life of a woman, put on it, the female figure is more upright, more elegant pace, but the beautiful high heels have its flawed, there are always some girls wear not accustomed to heels, how to do ? Do not worry, Xiao Bian tell you that you can not wear high heels? A move easily get! You can use multiple sheets of louboutin outlet tissue superimposed, and then attached to the high heels shoes, heels and other parts, reducing the high heels and foot contact, relieve the pressure of walking, or buy a few pairs of high heels with thick insoles prepared to prevent If the socks mentioned here are stockings, thin, not only helps to protect the feet of the skin, but also to create a greater margin between the shoes and feet, slippery will not rub the feet.

Or nothing when wearing stockings at home to practice, wear high christian louboutin red bottoms heels just like the newspaper soaked wet crumpled group, and then wrapped with a dry newspaper, put it in the shoes grinding feet place, you can close in Plastic bags, the next day you can wear, to ensure that no one knows the zipper is broken can be painted with a few wax, the same reason shoes rub feet is also possible, with wax or soap in the high heels to rub a few feet Get it, and certainly will not wear a foot Do not think hair dryer blow hair effect, wear high-heeled shoes to take the place where the hair dryer blow until soft and then hit a few times with a hammer and other hardware, do not have to worry about grinding Foot problem, easy to get at home will certainly prepare some commonly used tape, put it in place of grinding foot, reducing contact with the foot friction, over a period of time will not rub the foot, hundred test Braun Oh