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Often wear these four kinds of shoes the most injured foot, the fourth really did not expect

Girl's shoe, is unwilling to a kind of shoes, there will always be a wide range of styles, in order to deal with different occasions. With the prevailing wave of these shoes have become girls shoes must have a single product. Among them, high heels have been NO1 in the hearts of girls, because high heels girls can make beauty. Wear high heels, walk a little more light and more dazzling, people can not help but take a look, but does not mean that every girl is in control of it, will wear a beautiful, when you wear will have to match , The first is to learn to Christian Louboutin Shoes sale pick, and then wear, collocation can be very stylish. These high heels wear beautiful, but you have to know its little secret, long-term wear high heels is also hurt. Respectively, three aspects: the harm to the foot, the ankle and knee joint hazards, the hazards of the lumbar spine, you can wear less, do not choose not to wear. Note: The first step when wearing high heels step smaller step forward pointing to the legs as close as possible, so that the heel first landing, and secondly, walking barefoot after going home, allowing the ankle himself activities, and finally self-massage, heat at night Blister feet 10-15 minutes. Everyone will always meet bad shoes, and wear these shoes really wear a long time, if you do not know these four, we must look down: Retro fashion prevail in these two years, pointed shoes Among them, but you know the harm? Pointed toes have a plastic effect on the toes, easy to form the thumb eversion, small space at the tip of the toe, the air circulation difficulties, likely to cause the breeding of bacteria. The essence of the material of the hole shoes is plastic shoes, easy to accumulate water, and the moisture is not easily absorbed by the shoe, the design of the shoe hole can only help the foot breathable, but not protected, sweat easily in summer, often lead to foot Moist, leading to athlete's foot and so on. Sandal slippers sandwiched toe is harmful to human health, walking the front of the foot due to lack of support for the force, the toes will be in the process of sandwiched shoes, and gradually reduced to claw, the center of gravity is not the case, it will lead to the foot Pain and inflammation, severe cases of thumb valgus. Straps sandals is the most insolent shoes to wear. You christian louboutin heels think about the complex straps, in order not to let the tape fall, will tie the calf tightly, the process of blood circulation is poor.

When high heels and classic single product with a chemical reaction is inevitable, high-heeled shoes and wide-leg pants, jacket into the wide-leg pants, nine now standing, with high heels, so wear skills that will help you christian louboutin for men become a crowd A bright one. There is a better match with the law, eighty-nine wide-leg pants and high heels with, to create a golden ratio for your high heels to make room to show you the beautiful heels at your feet, highlights have, but also show you the same time Clothing. Flat shoes have a protective effect on the foot, can promote the activities of the bones of the feet, so that it is more soft, more convenient for people to walk. But not every single flat shoes are harmless, the teacher suggested that the soft material selection, there are unique workmanship flat shoes, can play protection, drop plastic, anti-slippery, light and comfortable, louboutin shoes sale is healthy Good choice. Retro carved square buckle design, very unique, breathable interior design, enough to make shoes on the foot after the show full of comfortable sense of the dress, although the design is simple but not lack of elegance, fashion sense of incessant linger, with them No stress, daily with the necessary.