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Small white shoes, how long do you want to fire?

Now shoes have become a fashion with an indispensable part of the same, and high heels, like wearing a pair of nice shoes also make you stylish and stylish. And the trend of shoes with fashion in 2017 will continue to be popular. No matter what is after the small white shoes are often easy to hit everyone on the issue of shoes. Fresh and natural one of the shoes with red soles children, to bring you the first spring of the first touch of vitality. Neat trendy tide car suture, bring fresh visual red bottom pumps sense, showing the atmosphere and quality. High-end high-quality PU leather material, breathable comfort, the release of feet pressure, full of vitality is the biggest feature is the work is very detailed, stitching the upper and the lines look very design sense, the inner and outer layers are used calfskin , Wear it very comfortable, louboutin heels not grinding feet. Green fabric dermabrasion looks very sense of design. High-quality thick line design and line of shoes with red soles sewing, can not see the line is particularly clear, white and brown with the look looks very meaningful.

With the lack of beauty wear and tear effect of silk shoes is the biggest feature of this design, the designer will be the classic style of ballet shoes and clever combination of this, made of special satin, silk than the ordinary wear a more solid design Style, matte soles is the end of the tendon to wear comfortable, very natural increase in the effect of loose shoes, even if the road is not very far away very hard, stitching the upper is also very good. The design of this small white shoes is very personalized with the buckle design, shoelaces and buckle with the joint design can be used with a lot of sets of style, the use of leather materials are also very comfortable.