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Small women's exclusive shoes, was not Fang Fangwu

Leather shoes (leather shoe) is made of natural leather as the main raw material with other synthetic shoes, called leather shoes. Thousands of years Christian Louboutin Sale ago, human ancestors had the habit of wearing shoes, foot wrapped with animal skins, leather shoes to modern shoes, wearing leather shoes has a long history. Leather shoes style, style, structure and wearing features are better than other footwear, therefore, the rapid development of leather shoes. Nowadays, leather shoes have become one of the most popular kinds of shoes and become louboutin sale one christian louboutin for men of the bulk commodities to beautify the people's life. They have become "pivotal" products in the apparel category. Refers to the natural leather for the upper to leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC and so on for the sole, the seam , adhesive or injection molding process of molding shoes. Shoes breathable, hygroscopic, with good health performance, all kinds of shoes in the highest grade shoes.

Leather shoes are divided into casual shoes and dress shoes, dress shoes refers to men with formal dress of the kind of shoes, and casual shoes refers to casual wear leather shoes. However, when we say the word leather shoes, the general refers to the business leather shoes, but also seldom say casual shoes, more to say that leather casual shoes, in order to create a more clear distinction red bottom pumps between the name.