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Still wearing a small white shoes? Summer with the color shoes Oh more Oh

Still stay in the small white shoes wild with the primary stage? Fashion circles have advanced to the colorful color sneakers it! Different colors of choice to highlight their style of dress Oh! What if I now talk to you about your pink? Or a few years ago that bright blind full of gorgeous atmosphere of the pink it? Come and see what really is the real love of people! Following the world after the vigorous small white shoes frenzy, the pink sports shoes are terrible speed swept across the river north and south. Dream like a girl-like pink can always evoke the hearts of our good desire. If it and the dynamic sports shoes with together, what kind of sparks will be wiped?

On the fashion sense of keen sense of the little fairy should be from Shu Qi wedding photographs have been perceived, Shu Qi red sole heels feet wearing a pink shoes with wedding dress to let the number of girls night Huaichun, the original sports shoes can also take this! How could there be such a beautiful pink? I do not feel gorgeous! How to describe mint green? Green like blue Some close to Tiffany blue Compared to pink, mint green is more of a quiet beauty. Hot a few sports brands also have mint green color, each has its advantages, but the common point is that the United States! Like green + blue formula is fashion week christian louboutin street shot often appear in color, from the harmony and saturation, they are dazzling and advanced. In addition to the adjacent color, color saturation is not high with the louboutin pumps color will be more comfortable together, such as gray and dark pink, beige and light green.

Said to see a person taste will see what he wear shoes, even if the clothing is not easy to spend, a pair of color shoes will give the whole shape of the extra points. Daily life is busy, small fairies wardrobe should have a lot of cowboy single product, jeans, denim skirt, denim jacket, loose, Slim, classic, chic, feeling cowboy can half a wardrobe, no way Let the cowboy so easy to wear and ride? Summer a simple T-shirt or vest with jeans or denim skirt, street wandering to slightly! In addition, the addition of socks can also make color sports shoes with more level, hit the color or near color can give the whole shape to increase the sense of fun. Cowboy jacket may be too casual, but stepped on the fight color shoes show a delicate sense of detail. This shows the importance of the mix, the daily life of walking convenience and with the requirements Red Bottom Shoes for women of the streamlined, are pointing to the choice of sports shoes, and who said that sports shoes look childish? With the skill to the color shoes how to wear are the trend!