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Summer to protect the feet of a few tips

Feet in the summer more often "show his face", need more care. In the summer, people are more often wear sandals, playing barefoot walking on the beach, engaged in outdoor activities, which makes the feet "face" opportunities greatly increased. And other parts of the body like the skin, the child will be sunburn, but also because of playing barefoot and injured. Therefore, in the summer to protect the feet is particularly important. Although it is very comfortable to take off your shoes in the summer, it may be very comfortable, but it is best not to walk barefoot, because it may sunburn, plantar warts, Hong Kong feet or money ringworm, may also sprain or Cut and so on. People in the summer like to wear word slippers or sandals, but the Christian Louboutin Outlet" href="/">Christian Louboutin Outlet feet do not necessarily like. Of course, it is not to say that completely avoid wearing shoes to reveal the toes, but to wear in the walk to give more protection when the feet of shoes. In addition, in the lake or the sea when the water, it is best to wear water shoes, so as not to tip the object was stabbed. If exposed to the sun, red bottom heels remember the feet should also apply sunscreen, especially the front and above the ankle. And after the water, do not forget to apply again. Water has a lot of efficacy, in addition to improving the skin and the toxins from the human body, it can also improve the health of both feet. All day to maintain adequate water, you can gradually increase the phenomenon of high temperature caused by foot swelling. Some people will go to the beauty salon to repair the toenails, but Anderson advises people to be careful, as this may cause real problems. For example, the use of beauty salon tools may lead Red Bottom Shoes to toenail fungal disease, bacterial infection, due to the virus and grow warts and so on. In order to solve these problems, you can consider taking your own tools on the beauty salon, or yourself for your own christian louboutin heels toenails.

If you are injured when you are on holiday, it is best to go to the foot doctor and receive treatment, and not to delay the injury. And not because the feet did not sprain or break, I thought nothing.