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This trend in advance this morning, high heels Qiaoqiao dress really nice!

Fresh autumn to the sister who is not still what to worry about what to wear, it is better to see Xiaobian prepared for everyone to dress it, do not think that dress is summer exclusive, in this warm autumn, dress can still pressure the audience , With a beautiful high heels, minutes through the gas field, whether it is red bottom heels to go to work or go out to meet shopping, can make red sole heels us feel confident, My Fair Lady gentleman, is not it so reasonable? The time to take off the sandals, take off the flip flop of the time, put the leisure aside, try to wear a more prominent woman temperament of high heels, women will have a feminine, whether it is exquisite small type, or elegant ladies Temperament, or noble and elegant Fan, there is always a suitable for us. In fact, this anti-cashmere upper, Xiao Bian is very heart of water, not only has a smooth Rouran texture, people see very much at first sight, and it is able to highlight the soft side christian louboutin sneakers of my sister's heart, especially similar to the heart-shaped Curvature of the outline, but also the kind of lovely girl to show the elegant, coupled with just right with the high, proper long legs concave out, with a equally lovely dress, is definitely a weapon to attract the opposite sex Oh. Compared to just that section of the simple color of the shoes simple, this shoe adds a bit more refined and tempting, since ancient times girls have a soft spot for butterflies, because it's light, because it's beautiful, the various shoes with red bottoms colors of butterfly modeling Embellishment of the shoe body, is also a good idea Oh, with thin heel and cute little pointed, do not want to be difficult to play, if the same with a light dynamic dress, imagine how beautiful it is Scene ah

All year round can wear a single shoes Oh, do not look at it retro style, wear is very comfortable, especially the design of small square head, people have a back to the fifties and sixties of the visual sense, super wide Of the inner space, so that the feet can be free to move Oh, coupled with the rough with the design, walking to feel more relaxed and dynamic, whether it is their own wear, or send a friend to send my mother is a good choice Oh Since the intention to wear high heels, then simply to wear a little higher, look at this, super fine with, absolutely give us a super confident high body experience, even if you can not worry about wearing a long skirt Oh, and it glass Of the support, so that walking more secure, with a small tip, the side of the naked, want to sexy is immune, if the banquet or attend the event, this pair of shoes is definitely the first choice. More professional high heels, the roots are not very high, but just right of the elegant, so go shopping are very easy, Xiao Bian especially like it warm tone of the upper, with the white heel hit color design, so that the entire shoe It seems to bring a bit of leisure and free and easy taste, with shallow mouth design, elegant yet a small sexy, with a professional dress is very good Oh!