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Tie shoes so beautiful, but how to pick for their own?

Now there is a hot shoes, that is, tie shoes. Although the shoes are beautiful, but do not blindly choose Oh, because the banding shoes are very pick-leg type, so the need to pay attention to avoid the details of the essentials, small flat summarized the following points: 1. , Do not choose the very thin flat with the style, it is a pressure. 2, the legs are not fine, then do not choose to bind to the shoes on the calf, christian louboutin for men so the legs will look thicker. Generally to the height of the ankle can be. 3, tie the cross not too much, the more complex the more short legs, generally not more than five cross, a small tie can be a. Super nice pair of strap shoes, shoes are fine with, so wear a very goddess of the. Classic pointed design, very small feet Oh ~ shoes on the pearl embellishment to the whole pair of shoes full of atmospheric feeling, super Fan ~ shoes design is very simple, but yet generous. Shoes are pure color design, simple and fresh. The above strap is also very convenient to wear, the shoes are a kind of ballet shoes christian louboutin sneakers Oh, super nice ~ very suitable for students to wear a pair of shoes, classic round design, suitable louboutin shoes sale for any occasion Oh ~ convenient heart-shaped metal Buckle, wear off easily. Meticulous heel design, wear very comfortable, not grinding feet ~

Very nice to see a pair of shoes, shoes are flat, so wear it will not be Christian Louboutin Sale tired. Classic pointed design, but also very Fan of the. With a skirt or wide leg pants, full of fashion sense ~ do not like to wear high-heeled girls this pair of shoes should be very suitable, the shoes are rough with, with a little bit with, rough with the wear will not be tired. The surface of the shoes is suede, well ventilated oh ~