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What kind of shoes do you wear to decide what way you go?

Said a person's temperament hidden in his book, seen people and walked the road. You wear what kind of shoes to decide what kind of temperament you have, your shoes with red soles temperament is how big your whole pattern. Some people even if the Huayi body, but difficult to cover the foot of the shoes that show the poor taste, like white Bi slightly flawed, it is regrettable sigh, after all, Successful people even wear shoes at the foot are shiny, if there is no such tolerance and mind, only the appearance of China and the United States will certainly be difficult to reach the peak height. Hit the color of wild sports wind small white shoes; fresh and lively colors, not vulgarity annoying rate really cute, a pair of shoes magic is that it straightforward expression of their own attitude. Hit the color does not play, vibrant is your youth rather than share of debauchery and wayward. The simplest is the initial good, often go for a long time to understand the original has been pursued once already owned, just lost and then come back.

Bullock College Feng Liang skin cake shoes; student era is the most memorable time for everyone, those simple and bright days, there was the most pure laugh. College shoes or clothes are so fascinating, loft soles lively and beautiful, dark pattern subtle beauty, lace slim and flexible, the British style of old love in the heart left a heavy heart. Bullock shoes also want to wear, that good only to stay in the memories. Elegant louboutin sale and stripe concealed texture of the christian louboutin for men upper, with the tip of the semi-surrounded design complement each other, after the one with the letter around the ankle, intellectual more than some playful fashion sense, bow tie, lit spring bright , As if the butterfly around the foot of the dance, so that spring in the soles of the feet in full bloom. Fine heel with no abrupt hate days high, and some just do not reveal the edge of the gentle and affectionate.

Rub the British wind small shoes; can not escape the nostalgic British wind, with exquisite fashion magic, low-key seems to publicity, easy to attract all the people's attention. A pair of shoes to meet the eyes, like to meet people you like. Wipe the toe, translucent water sense, delicate people heart, precise traces of shoes, fixed shoes, but also adds a sense of beauty, exquisite traces of the process of showing the intention. Black, dark green, water blue, wine red, are very high-end atmosphere of the color, with bright patent leather, a kind of moist and translucent feeling, the color seems to be in the light, faint distant Meaningful. Not very thick at the louboutin heels end, light and comfortable. Can be used with any style of early spring, spring spring early spring spring, which is written to the spring of a love letter. Square head with bright leather shoes; wearing a pointed shoes round shoes may wish to try square shoes, you will find the plate is stiff it is stiff, but after the foot is full of fun, heavy art , But also more shoes angular fun. Curved upper do not press the foot, bright upper fashion trend, not for the rules around, free heart, why not. In addition to the design of the increase is not delayed out of the street Oh. Colored watercolor shallow mouth egg rolls; egg rolls is popular this year, style Oh, flat it makes you a whole spring tripartite travel. Classic tip, modified foot type, showing small feet slender, diamond decoration modified toe, making the whole shoes small and lovely, flower-style unrestrained atmosphere, the sun bulingbuling flash fantasy aesthetic. Solid color wild, always wear a unique temperament.