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With shoes you still know only wild little white shoes out on the

Pants with pants with the shoes, the first few paragraphs said a variety of collocation, mature career Fan, handsome leisure Fan, playful girl Fan Xiaoxian like which style? No matter what style does not match the shoes will be a good face! The first is a universal small white shoes, really wild, but want the effect of long legs it would be difficult. If the legs really long enough, it does not matter, legs long wayward. If the legs are not long recommended only when wearing seven horn pants, only with small white shoes. Otherwise obviously 170 will be hard to be exposed by your 165. Then how to take the seven horns in addition to small fine high-heeled there are individual louboutin heels better choice one by one coarse heels. Thick with the high-heeled more eye-catching. Other bell-bottoms and shoes with points, knock on the blackboard!

Focus on a long paragraph bell pants, short wear a high wear must wear high heels, fine with, rough with can be important is high!

Two, nine points seven horn pants, in fact, small white shoes can take, but always feel a little bit with the whole person temperament, if the girls want to learn small white shoes, leisure points also recommended small white shoes, the Christian Louboutin Outlet pursuit of temperament or me Choose a small high-heeled.

Third, the legs are not long enough, do not want to wear high heel, then the length of the pants do not be too long, the best calf can be a little exposed to a little, or who wear who is short. Four, in addition to the usual high-heeled, with the opening of the high-heeled legs longer.

Pu material shallow mouth high heels, pink and silver two colors. Is my favorite pointed design, there are trend behind the bow, will not make the whole pair of shoes was dull, it will christian louboutin sneakers be energetic. Fashion nest nest fabric, elegant and comfortable small fine with. Do not think that light shoes with a bad, this pink and silver than the ordinary version of the black is more elegant temperament ladies. Square buckle design is the most recent show darling, fashion classic decoration to the shoes add a beautiful landscape. Pure hand Italian car suture, the technology mature and meticulous, even continuous and moderate density, each needle are originality. The use of easy to absorb gas sweat within the high quality, can effectively prevent foot odor, keep dry and comfortable. High-quality wear-resistant soles design, flexible, cl shoes reduce the pressure of walking. Do not like the little light fairy who choose this one will never be wrong black is also very good.

The most important thing is to wear ankle, too loose is not good to see. The same is breathable comfortable pu skin, comfortable inside, anti-skid base. Rough design for those who wear small fine with the little fairy who provided a more comfortable heel, although the rough with no sharp with looking good, but this it is still pointed design for it a lot of points. The front is not a consistent closed boots, and then a strip of stripes, watching the legs and ankles will be more slender, rare design Oh. This year's hot side of the first round of shoes will feel different, at first glance can not see the more satisfied with the more satisfied with a. In front of the opening of the opening design will appear feet and legs more slender. Matte looked at the texture, small literary Fan. Heel is thick with the wood stripes, looking at the small fresh and slightly literary and artistic. A pedal design, lazy little fairy can be directly put on than the lazy peas shoes look good oh. It is recommended that the little fairies who wear this do not wear socks or else to wear the kind of wear and did not wear the same shallow socks or really will look down a lot of low.

Deep v design is absolutely hot, elongated leg lines are not vague. The upper is imported calfskin, inside the small sheepskin, comfort full score. 5.5cm height, not particularly high, generally small fairies who can control the live. Very sexy, the same handsome also exudes a feminine. There are many colors, black and white wild color and classic wine red. Choose this deep v design absolutely absolutely no mistake wild models. Fire all over the world classic small white shoes, this version of the type of improved after many times a lot of delicate. Uppers and inside design are pu leather, soles are natural rubber design, foot feel more comfortable. The upper breathable sweat hole, sweat is not dull feet, to the feet intimate care. Fashion classic lace design, the trend of good ride. Casually wild, pure campus vitality.