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Woman dating that ten pairs of shoes is enough!

For women, in addition to fill the wardrobe is a lifetime dream, shoes are their pursuit. When you and your beloved TA to different occasions dating, put on the favorite shoes so that you have a pleasant mood and incomparable confidence. Featured high-quality layer of leather with a cute bow design, highlight the elegant temperament. The advantage of thick soles is to make the body look tall, lengthened leg lines, enhance the charm of women, can reflect the individual's unique temperament. Delicate soft calfskin upper, resilience is also better. Hand-pierced Bullock carved, retro art, British atmosphere rich. Soles using natural rubber, good wear resistance, with anti-skid shading walking more louboutin shoes sale peace of mind. Shoe body selection of the first layer of skin materials, soft and delicate cortex, glossy fresh natural, high texture texture, shoes, fashion and leisure. Round design, smooth and round curve, to the feet to set aside enough room to reduce the wearing discomfort, comfortable not crowded feet. Toe use of fashionable metal elements, to the end of this season to the rapid trend of rapid, swept the fashion industry. Featured sheep suede leather material, with good durability and excellent ventilation, so that your feet free breathing.

Gorgeous rhinestones decorated T-shaped upper, dazzling and charming. Flashed a strong modern charm, as well as the temptation of smart toes. Big edge along the exquisite diamond gorgeous diamond, crystal clear shining in shoes with red bottoms the charming luster, clever to bring out the feminine characteristics. Retro exquisite Brock carving craft, fine carving, from the details of the show on the fashion attitude, unique and modern. Just in the design, with durable rubber outsole, comfortable shock, so that you walk a little more confident. Pointed shoes are regarded as the long legs of the fashion industry weapon, is simply a single product for every girl. Shoe of the special cut design, can be free with commute, casual wear, and cleverly exposed bare feet, petite sister can also have long legs. There is no decorative embellishment on the upper, even more simple atmosphere, on the grade.

Fashion charm small round head, cutting slim smooth. christian louboutin heels Bring fit and not wear the comfort of wearing feet feel, fashion modeling, highlight the high-end atmosphere taste. Exquisite handmade car line, parallel to the parallel lines, the details reflect the quality of the sense. Very personalized character buckle loop design, that is, fashion and easy to wear off convenience, simple personality design, so that walking more comfortable. Comfortable and stable slope with the design, both comfortable and tired louboutin shoes feet, wearing more comfortable and not bloated. Hollow strap design is a woman, suede spring popular color, the effect of the foot is very flash, absolutely eye-catching! Suede effect is very consistent with this autumn season, highlight the youthful vitality.