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You wearing high heels, pain?

Remember who sent you the first pair of high heels? At that time, you ignorant ignorant, careful learning adults look like wearing high heels, as noble princess. High heels are girls essential items in the shoe, but many people do not know exactly how high heels for high heels, high heels, improper dress can also cause harm to the body, and then we talk about those things that wear high heels. Of course, girls also have to choose according to their actual needs of high heels, it is generally recommended that if it is out everyday, learning life, the best choice for 4-5cm high heels, this is good for health, but also easier to grasp the balance, especially for The first attempt to high heels girls, more comfortable. And with high heels more than 10cm high is best dressed in special occasions to attend, because with high heels, although significantly more slender legs, but the leg injury is also great. Although the thin heel looks very good, but only people who wear know, with fine heels to wear really tired. Because the foot to bear too much weight, but also very unstable, for the first time wearing high heels girl is very difficult, so the girls are shoes with red bottoms advised to choose thick with high heels, of course, if christian louboutin heels you really like thin heel can buy a forefoot pad Reduce pain.

Good soles material will also shoes with red bottoms make you feel comfortable wearing high heels, the best choice of rubber or leather soles, and do not choose plastic, Christian Louboutin Shoes sale wood soles, plastic and wood soles are relatively hard material, make the wearer feel uncomfortable. Waterproof platform in addition to water there is a very important role is to ease the height difference between the heel and the foot area to prevent too much damage to the feet, it is recommended that girls choose waterproof platform height for their own high heels, while the best front Micro-tilt up, so you can wear high-heeled shoes prone to prone body problems.